Ms Scrap Clearance

We do the Clearance of ms scrap Indigenous / Imported

Chipping Contractors

We offer a complete Chipping Contractors Service.

Oil & Garbage Clearance

We offer a complete Oil & Garbage Clearance

Anchor Chain Cleaning

Cleaning anchor Chain surface. It can remove the dust, rust of anchor chain, higher productivity, higher steel pill and the dust separating quality, better cleaning up effect and lower failure rate.

Ship Painting

We offer a complete boat painting service up to 50 feet in our state of the art paint booth.

Anchor Chain Arrangement

Standard Chain Arrangement for ships. CL Length with normal links only.



  • Strives to Achieve the highest level of service to its customers
  • Safety and Environment Protection
  • Building trust and respect by operation in a safe and honest manner.



  • Ms Scrap Clearance
  • Chipping / Cleaning & Painting Contractors
  • Used Oil & Garbage Clearance
  • Mud & Wood Dunnage Clearance


to Success

  • Reputation for delivering innovative, cost effective & on schedule solutions.
  • 20 years of experience in port operations & related services
  • Right Guidence and Service to clients

Benefits with

abc marine

  • 24 hour, 366 days a year service
  • Optimum solution to all your Port related services requirements
  • Our Staff provide's effective support and advice to clients